Put A Little Romance in Your Life!

Don't wait. With the The Big Book of Love Letters, you can get more romance in your life now. We open the doors to romance and keep the fires burning. We have created special and unique letters that will make your sweetheart feel loved. These letters are personal and romantic. They can make her laugh, make him feel special. They tell your loved one that you care deeply. Best of all, these love letters are real letters, printed on actual paper and mailed by "snail mail" in an envelope. These letters are a piece of you that he can hold and touch, that she can keep forever.

Easy as 1, 2, 3!

You mean I have to read a bunch to write a letter?

No way! Jump to the letter you want, follow simple step-by-step instructions, and have your letter done in minutes.

This book is designed for skimming vs reading, so you get right to the letter you want.

  • Check out the Table of Contents and click to the letter that entices you.
  • Chapters 2-5 have amazing and unique letter ideas.
  • Want something out of the box? See chapters 6 and 7.
  • Appendix A breaks up letters by specific “reasons to send” such as reminisce, rekindle a flame, fill him with anticipation of romance to come, etc.

Get this book, pick out a letter, and start creating.

Not comfortable with words?

This book is for you! I have an entire chapter devoted to how to create beautiful, fun, amazing letters without writing a single word. That’s right—wordless letters.

Heard the expression, “A picture is worth a thousand words”? Chapter 3: “Picture It” tells you exactly how to create letters in pictures, symbols, even equations. Best of all, you can create a beautiful, unique letter in minutes.

Sample instructions for creating love letters

Haven’t had much success with love letters before?

Chapter 1 is for you! It lays out the three keys to writing great love letters. Even if not a single letter in this book appeals to you and you just want to write your letter straight, you need this chapter. It tells you how to focus on your darling, what details you want to hone in on, and helps you keep it real.

Examples of Love Letters

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What Our Customers Say

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I had written my loved one a love note, and she said I sounded like Cyrano. I wasn't familiar with his love letter, so I researched them online. I then found your website and used your service since my loved one’s birthday was coming up and I wanted to impress her. She said the entire presentation and letter was quite impressive, the stickers were very nice, and that letters like that could sweep a lady off of her feet. Exactly what I was trying to accomplish. In fact, I received everything a man could want from a woman and some.

—Donald Carter, Richmond VA

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These letters have power! I sent my sweetheart a gift certificate for dinner at his favorite restaurant. Even though I only ordered the letter during the test phase of this service, my sweetie took the gift certificate to heart and made me pay up. The attention to detail on the certificate is great. The fine print is cute. Nice sticker, too. There are probably a lot of folks out there who want to send a love letter or make a romantic gesture, but are embarrassed or don’t know what to write. They need your service.

—Wayne Mitchell, Sebastapol, CA

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I loved the paper bag letter -- it was very beautiful, and it stood out. The letter was worth the cost. It had my original message exactly the way I wrote it. I received the letter on time. The suggestions on the site were really great as to which letter to use depending on the relationship/occasion, etc. I am a true romantic and your letters look so pretty. I would order your letters again.

—Wanda Malave, East Brunswick, NJ

Love Letters are Foreplay

A friend of mine (laughingly) said that what many people don't understand is that love letters are foreplay. She's a funny one, but let's face it, she's also right. A letter can touch the heart and warm a person even more than a caress. A love letter is a prelude to more loving.

Women want to hear that you love them. They need to be told this. A woman who does not know how her partner feels can wilt or fall apart, stop caring and stop giving of herself. Women love small gestures--a letter, a stolen pansy, words of love. These small things can melt her heart. Give her what she wants, and she will give you what you want.

Men want to be appreciated. They need to be told this. A man who is not told how much he is appreciated feels overworked and unloved. He may feel resentful and stop doing the things you do appreciate him for. He wants to know that the things he does matter to you. Give him what he wants, and he will give you what you want.

At the risk of sounding wishy-washy, the most important and worthwhile gifts that you will receive by sending a love letter are love and joy. Making another person happy brings you joy, more joy even than doing something for yourself. One of the strange paradoxes of life: the more you give in a relationship, the more you receive.

Letter sealed with a kiss

About Me

You're probably wondering who I am and where did I get this funky idea to write a "how-to" book about love letters?

My name is Kira Reoutt, and I am the author of The Big Book of Love Letters. One night, many years ago, I was asked what sort of business I would develop if I could, and I knew right away I’d have to do something with love letters. I have worked as a successful web developer and technical writer, but writing love letters is what I do best.

I have wooed many a man with my letters. Everyone who has received one of my letters has said, "This is the best love letter I've ever gotten" and "No one writes letters like you." But when one fellow broke off in the middle of an argument to say, “I have never gotten such amazing love letters as I have gotten from you,” I knew I had a real talent.

The idea of a love letter book nagged at me for several years before I did anything. Then I suffered a dry spell. That is, for a year I wrote love letters to a boyfriend, but I didn't get any in return. I didn't feel very good about this, but instead of moping (too much), I decided to bridge the gap between those who want love letters and those who don't write them nearly (cough-cough) often enough.

Don't just take my word about these wonderful letters, read what my customers have to say.